Sound & Vision

Greg Wells

LA Producer & Engineer - Michelle Branch, Crash Test Dummies, Rufus Wainwright, Jesse McCartney, Elton John: "These are solo'd guitar tracks taken from a punky/ska song I just recorded. All tracks are a Les Paul Junior played through the London head on high input.. Panned to the left side is the more Marshally channel, and panned to the right is the more Voxy channel. The mics are a Royer 121, Shure 57, and Microtech Gefell UMT70 all blended. There's barely any EQ on the tracks and no compression. The first clip is just solo'd rhythm guitar tracks, and the second clip features a short guitar lead line followed by a cleaner tremelo part in the bridge section of the song."

Clip 1

Clip 2

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles...

...have joined voices in celebration of one of the most important eras in pop music. Featuring 15 of the duo's favorite pop tunes from the 1960s, Under The Covers Vol. 1 combines popular hits and obscure gems from such important names in music as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, The Who, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, The Zombies, The Mama's And The Papas, The Left Banke, The Bee Gees, The Marmalade, Fairport Convention, Love, The Stone Poneys, and The Velvet Underground. This entire album was cut using a 65-London.


Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Pat Buchanan - "A List" Nashville Session Player

These clips are taken from the guitar tracks of actual recording sessions where Pat used his 65 London 18 watt along with a small pedal board. To isolate the sound in the studio and to allow recording in the control room, the output was run through a Dr. Z 2x12 cab with Weber 30's. There's a small amount of echo and reverb on each track.

Clip 1 EF86 Channel on 10. 59 Les Paul Reissue detuned and raunchy

Clip 2 12AX7 Channel Two tracks of 16th notes. SRV Strat and 59 LP

Clip 3 12AX7 Channel 59 LP with Tremolo clean, mildy dirty ending

Clip 4 Rhythm is 12AX7 side, neck pick-up, Relic Strat. Fills and solo are EF86 with boost side s.g. junior slide


London Soundclips:

Peter's Soundbite 1 Fender Tele-Sonic - with D'Armond Single Coils - 12AX7 channel - Low input, volume 6, tone 10, cut - 0 (no cut)

Peter's Soundbite 2 65 Fender Strat (stock) - 12AX7 channel - Hi input, volume 8, tone 8, cut - 1 (minus)



Marquee Soundclips:

Recorded with a Gibson Les Paul Custom - Burst Bucker II (neck) & Jimmy Page signature pick-up (bridge.) Marquee Head thru a 65 212 Extension Cabinet close mic'ed with an Shure SM57 on the Celestion Blue Alnico and a RODE NT-2 on the G12H Anniversary. Recorded with very light compression using the M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Control Surface into Pro Tools M-Powered.

LPC/ both pick ups Marquee Volume: 4 Treble: 5 Mid: 6 Bass: 4 Cut: 2 Boost OFF

LPC/ bridge pick up Marquee Volume: 5 Treble: 5 Mid: 6 Bass: 4 Cut: 2 Boost OFF

LPC/ bridge pick up Marquee Volume: 4 Treble: 6 Mid: 7 Bass: 3 Cut: 2 Boost ON

First two of the following recorded with a 2005 Fender "Classic 50's" Telecaster loaded with Alan Hamel Alnico V pick-ups. Third soundclip - '65 Stratocaster - all stock.

1. TELE 1/ Both pick ups MARQUEE Volume: 4 Treble: 5.5 Mid: 6 Bass: 6 Cut: 2 Boost OFF

2. TELE 2/ Bridge pick up MARQUEE Volume: 4 Treble: 6 Mid: 7 Bass: 6 Cut: 2 Boost OFF

3. STRAT/ Neck and Neck/Middle MARQUEE CASCODE CHANNEL Volume: 4 Tone: 7.5 Color: 4

Mark Goldenberg (Jackson Browne's band)

Recorded flat with a Shure SM 57 into a Neve 1073 module into a Summit Audio TLA-100A tube limiter direct to Pro Tools. Reverb by Altiverb.

1965 Gibson Byrdland neck pickup into 12AX7 channel, lo input. Tremolo on, Volume 3, Tone 5 Intensity 1, Speed 1, Cut 3. Diamond Memory Lane analog delay

1966 Gibson SG Junior into 12AX7 channel, hi input, Volume 7 Tone 4 Cut 3

1966 Gibson SG Junior into 12AX7 channel, lo input Volume 7 Tone 5 Cut 3

1966 Gibson SG Junior into EF86 channel lo input Volume 2 Tone 4 Color 4 Cut 3. Diamond Memory Lane analog delay

Gary Burnette

A-List Nashville Producer and session player
These clips are straight into the board, no effects whatsoever. Completely raw.

1. Dirty Rhythm

2. Super clean rhythm sound

3. Skanky single coil rhythm sound

4. Dirty rhythm with major overtones

Greg V

Greg played his Relic Tele and a 63 Les Paul Jr through the EF86 channel. Each guitar has a clean and semi-dirty tone with the last LP Jr. clip being pretty dirty. The speakers are Scumbag Pre-Rola Celestion clones (M and H magnets each represented).

Tele sounds:

1. 28-SA12M75-65Amp-Tele

2. 29-SA12M75-65Amp-Tele

3. 30-SA12H75-65Amp-Tele

4. 31-SA12H75-65Amp-Tele

Les Paul Jr. sounds:

1. 32-SA12H75-65Amp-LPJr

2. 33-SA12H75-65Amp-LPJr

3. 34-SA12M75-65Amp-LPJr

4. 35-SA12M75-65Amp-LPJr