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Throughout my commute to Manhattan on the Express Bus one early morning, I had the company and enjoyment of checking out the March problem of Appeal publication. girls I started by checking out the Letter from the Editor Linda Wells and baffled upon this striking tag line, the "pursuit of beauty". Linda explains this phenomenon to be just like the pursuit of the American Dream. It is "a right to determine and enhance our necessary selves, emotionally and physically ... that goes beyond gender, class, race, age and sexual orientation." I believed to myself, "this is so real!" What individual today does not wish to be and feel lovely? There is no doubt, that we as people are acutely sensitive to our physical appearances and will do anything to acquire or to maintain our individual charm. Our insatiable requirement for all things "charm" proves that we are all in complete pursuit and unapologetic so.

Physical appeal, though a matter of taste and viewpoint is likewise defined by society's views. The characterization of appeal however, can not be comprehended without likewise realizing that appeal has another side to it - One that is not so physical, however rather esoteric (a more intangible component ). With that being said, we can not omit psychological aspects such as personality, intelligence, politeness, sophistication or charisma as figuring out aspects in recognizing beauty.

As I researched more into this beauty craze, I stumbled upon some really interesting findings. As if we do not have enough problems in the world today, now we understand that unmanageable factors like our God-given appeal or "do not have thereof", is simply another social obstacle to include to our list.